• Increasing business efficiency through workflows and automation for your audio and video conferencing

    Use your existing video conferencing tools and add intelligent business 

    process management to create truly impactful video solutions

    The Conflab Platform solves the complexities of automating and organising the business processes that surround the 

    recording of audio and video conferences, in different sectors and verticals. Below is a video clip of just one example 

    of how this can be applied (in the recruitment sector), to quite simply, makes life easier. 

    An example of just one of our services

Introducing The Conflab Platform from Flabba
Workflow Automation for Video

Our Mission

Our product mission is simple, we want to help our customers make dramatic improvements to their operational efficiency through the automation of business processes that wrap and integrate with existing video conference tools. Our unique SaaS solution enables better collaboration, with an improved customer experience when using online audio and video communications.

Your Solution for Managing Video Communications

Our customers need to increase efficiency when managing multiple recordings, both audio and video, 1-way and 2-way. They need easy access to relevant documents and to be able to share those with their customers and store them securely. And they need to wrap all this in an intelligent workflow, automated, solution that manages all the business processes. 

Meet the Conflab Platform.

We wrap workflows, automation and document management into a SaaS communication solution that can be bespoke and branded to your needs.

Endless Options

Endless Opportunities for Different Requirements

Our Central Architecture, from which all our solutions are built, enables us to create a bespoke solution that meets your needs. Modular, fast, and flexible, we can brand and customize your solution to improve your business processes. 

Where you go, we go!

Some of the key uses of the Conflab Platform

Conflab Health

The Perfect Prescription for Remote Consultations.

Run remote patient consultations; connect with patients securely and easily on the Conflab platform for a more convenient healthcare solution that really improves patient experience and care. 

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Conflab Recruit

Radical Efficiency to Recruit the Right Candidate

Connect with qualified candidates remotely; whiz through video applications and say goodbye to wasted interviews. Engage in a new seamless online interview experience.


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Conflab Visas

Remote Applicant Assessment.

Secure, intelligent, Visa application and processing; making a complex process just that bit easier. Secure, encrypted video and audio storage, alongside direct messaging, chat and even language translation and AI transcription.

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