• Video Business Applications 
    ‚ÄčOne solution - multiple applications 

    Using your existing video conference tools, you can now manage and automate all the additional tasks to create truly impactful video business solutions

    You no longer need separate software for booking and scheduling, document management and note taking, secure sharing 

    and collaborating, transcripts and recording, messaging and reporting; all indexed to a client or project.  

    The Conflab Platform is your complete video business application, across multiple industries.

    Conflab Recruit in action 

Introducing The Conflab Platform from Flabba
Video Business Applications 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to bring our customers dramatic improvement in operational efficiency.  Standard video conferencing is great for meeting with friends, but not fit for purpose when needed to record and track business meetings. We provide the business intelligence and automation of all the other business processes you need when using video conference tools. Our unique SaaS solution enables better collaboration, with an improved experience as we bring all the applications you need into one platform when using online audio and video communications.

Flabba brings Operational Efficiency through workflows
Video Conference recordings from Flabba

Managing Video Communications

Our customers experience a huge increase efficiency when using The Conflab Platform to manage their AV recordings. There is just one place to manage your booking and scheduling, note taking and document management, secure sharing, reviewing and collaborating. Everything is  saved correctly to the right project or customer, with full activity logs and reporting. The Conflab platform streamlines all your activities into a complete Video Business Application.  

Efficiency manage your video conferencing, with a unique video business solution, branded and customised to your needs. 

Endless Options

Endless Opportunities 

Our central SaaS architecture enables us to create tailored solutions that meet your individual and industry needs. Modular, fast, and flexible, we can brand and customise and improve efficiency for all solutions that need online video conference recording.  

Where you go, we go!

SaaS solution for intelligent video conferences

Some of the key uses of the Conflab Platform

An image that shows the video conferencing of our Health solution

Conflab Health

The Perfect Prescription for Remote Consultations.

Remote patient consultations; connect with patients securely and easily for a more convenient healthcare solution that improves the patient experience and care.
An image that shows the video conferencing and workflows of our recruitment solution

Conflab Recruit

Radical Efficiency to Recruit the Right Candidate.

Connect with qualified candidates remotely; whiz through video applications and say goodbye to wasted interviews. Engage in a new seamless online interview experience.

An image that shows a man holding paper, to signify the processing of a Visa application

Conflab Visas

Remote Applicant Assessment.

Secure, intelligent, Visa application and processing; making a complex process just that bit easier. Secure, encrypted video and audio storage, messaging, chat and even language translation and AI transcription.

An image that shows a gavel on a wooden block

Conflab Legal

Intelligent and Secure Legal Business Solution.

Ease the case load and streamline the process of managing and recording client interactions, witness statements and all online video conferences. 

Case Studies

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Cyber essentials certified
NHS digital care