About Flabba

 "Con-flab: a conversation or chat, to talk causally. Conflabulation"

Our mission is to bring order, efficiency and automation to working with audio and video. 

We have developed the Conflab platform in deep collaboration with our clients to ensure it delivers an easy to use, yet complete solution with the ability to be tailored and perfected for different applications and uses. 

Our Company

Founded in 2012, Flabba is a privately owned software business with our Head Office in Dorset, UK. 

Since it's launch, Flabba has revolutionised the way companies interact and "conference" with audio and video tools, by imposing the discipline of "Business Process Management" into both casual and structured online meetings. Remote communications is on the increase and the Conflab Platform has adapted to provide vertically focused solutions to meet that need.

We have launched a range of vertical solutions for industry and we have a structured partner program to help partners take these solutions to market around the world.  Through some significant technology partnerships, we ensure the solution remains agnostic across different video platforms, so that with our partners, we can be a central solution for any business looking to formalise and structure the way they manage their audio and video meetings to ensure compliance and increase efficiencies.

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Conflab Health

Remote patient consultation for the healthcare industry with auto-scheduling, booking and secure document management 

Conflab Recruit

Streamlined, efficient screening of candidates to reduce admin time and ensure you hire the very best. 

Conflab Visa

Receive applications  from around the globe using transcription and recordings with intelligent workflows. 

Conflab Legal

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.A shining crescent far beneath the flying vessel.

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