Flabba - Spring Newsletter

29.07.21 09:54 AM By Colin Rhodes

Flabba - Spring Newsletter

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter and as 2021 really begins to surge forward, there seems to be a heightened sense of optimism, from an economic and health perspective, in the UK. Although sadly this is not yet shared worldwide. 

As our solutions operate in the healthcare industry, we are acutely aware of the impact of a functioning healthcare system and are doing everything we can to support our clients who are providing direct care.

Conflab Health listed on NHS Framework 

We are thrilled to be officially listed on the brand-new NHS framework dedicated to Online Video Consultations, launched by the NHS on 20th May, and called the Digital First Online Consultation Video Consultation framework(DFOCVC). 

Our Conflab Health solution is listed as a service that can be bought from this framework and the exciting news is that the NHS has set aside£100mm of funding for this framework. This means that all NHS buyers can claim back the money paid for the purchase of Conflab Health and this funding comes directly from the DFOCVC. 

We are ready and waiting to work hand-in-hand with you and your NHS Trust to ensure the Conflab Health solution works the way you need; with customised workflows to meet your exacting operational needs, both now and in the future. 

For more information, please see Conflab Health 

Strategic Alliances

Being selected to be part of the NHS DFOCVC framework demonstrates our industry plan – to form strategic alliances that will establish strong new vertical solutions. And so we are excited to announce a close alliance with Pinnaca who have significant partnerships in the United States with large solution providers such as Westco, Anixter and Liberty AV. 

This has resulted in the birth of a new combined solution called CX Health which leverages the Conflab Health platform and provides a Zoom-integrated remote consultation service, improving the patient experience and care, while enhancing business productivity and efficiency. 

This reflects our motto: The perfect prescription for remote consultations. 

Partnerships are key to our strategy and we collaborate with some key and innovative video conference technologies to explore new markets and extend our combined reach. 

· We work closely with Starleaf to help support their NHS customers, both new and old. 

· Our alliance with PexIP is enabling us to build new vertical solutions together. 

· Vonage are a significant and strategic alliance partner – adding to our strong portfolio. 

These alliances help us to meet our objective – that no matter what end-point conference solution you adopt, all your participants can attend one call, on the Conflab platform. 

More information on the Conflab Health Solution 

Flabba announced as Digital Software Partner

We firmly believe in strong partnerships and so we want our customers and partners to help craft our solution so that it continues to be the very best it can. Collaboration has been pivotal to our close working relationship with our customers and so, to that end, we will be publishing our product roadmap to our customers and partners this Spring. 

This ethos is reflected with The Home Office and their commercial partners VFS as we have been developing the Conflab Visa solution to help VFS process >60 sovereign country Visas. We are delighted that the proof of concept is well underway with Conflab Visa as their software partner, helping to digitise visa processing and supporting operational services for visa processing and asylum, on a global scale. 

More information on the Conflab Visa Solution 

Remote can help

Remote consultation platforms can offer real strides in providing medical care and here at Conflab Healthwe recognise that NHS practices need more than a one-size-fits-all tool.

There are some key benefits to delivering mental health treatment remotely to younger adults. The most obvious being the simple fact that they are used to a digital-first experience and often prefer not to attend a physical location. This generation interact well and are more comfortable on a digital platform, than in a face-to-face appointment. 

Remote mental health sessions remove some of the barriers to seeking support as digital is accessible, convenient, and more familiar and less threatening. 

The next phase of mental health improvement is about building trust and awareness. That will depend on the individual patient and therapist, but technology has proven to grant easier access, faster response, and greater convenience, without the need for travel. So, a massive step in the right direction. And with both one-way and two-way triage, it is easier and quicker to cut through the virtual queues and ensure those in danger are prioritised. 

There are cost and overhead savings too. 

Looking for a remote patient consultation platform for your mental health clinic 

Survey Results

From the young, to the not so young! 

We recently surveyed UK patients who are over 55 to discover if they prefer digital tools rather than in-person consultations. If 301 GPs and 3009 patients are to be believed, they do!

Detailed data can be found in the recent Mobiquity Covid19 and Censuswide Digital Health Report. 

In essence it supports the benefits of using digital tools such as remote monitoring (>67%), video examinations (>50%), wearable tech (72%),telemedicine (69%), applications (69%), and video consultations (68%). Digital gave patients faster access to their GP and they are increasingly comfortable using these tools. The last 12 months have accelerated this adoption for sure. 

And now for some more Paw-sitive News

Spring has seen us shaking hands on a number of new partnerships, through the work of our UK distribution partner Ascentae. For instance, AuDeo who are already a partner of Starleaf, and they will be adding Conflab Recruit to their portfolio. This will enable them to provide automation and workflows on top of existing video solutions for their customers using the Starleaf solution. 

Then over in Canada Telemerge are launching their very own branded version of Conflab Health into the Canadian market. And a little closer to home, back here in the UK, our friends at SCC are lining up to make a strategic play with Conflab Health and Microsoft TEAMS, that is facilitated by our integration with PexIP. This ensures a safe, secure, and compliant solution for remote consultation in this healthcare sector. 

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