Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tools used for video conferencing – why do you need more?

The most popular video conferencing tools are Zoom, Skype Meet Now, MS Teams, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Bluejeans, and Cisco Webex Meetings. They all provide basic and non-indexed recording and manage the live video conference, but not the business processes that need to be wrapped around that video call such as scheduling, booking, Auto-transcripts, sharing and storing all data securely against a client/project, document management, automated operational workflows, reporting etc. A workflow engine and automation tool, like the Conflab Platform, has all these features integrated which ensures your remote video meetings meet your business needs. 

Explain Workflow Automation in the context of video conferencing?

We are all used to using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, etc. but they are invariably used in isolation and then we email documents and share the recording somewhat randomly. Securely wrapping Video conferencing tools in workflow automation brings a whole new level of efficiency and compliance. All the right documents are stored with the right recording, shared securely and the appropriate actions taken according to pre-defined rules and regulations. IT really is a game-changer for efficiency for any industry that needs to record& manage remote interactions such as healthcare, recruitment, the legal sector, and others. 

What is the process of video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a meeting with two or more participants who are participating from different locations. They use a computer connection, audio, and video to connect. Video conferencing can be used for team/client meetings, webinars, product demos, job interviews, and more

How do you modernise your conference? 

Adding a platform that sorts, stores, shares, and automates your conference recordings will bring huge cost savings and productivity gains.

Why does workflow matter in healthcare when recording remote patient consultations? 

In most instances the patient recording isn’t a single instance or interaction but part of a series which may need to be shared with other consultants or tracked regarding progress. There are so many things that are wrapped around a single patient meeting that can so easily be automated when a workflow is applied; from scheduling, booking, document management and sharing to reporting and compliance.

What can be automated when running video recruitment? 

The recruitment process can be automated and made more efficient when it is managed by a Video conferencing and workflow tool like Conflab Recruit. This enables booking, scheduling, recording of interviews and C.V. storage is secure and it enables sharing with colleagues to ensure the right candidate is selected. 

How can you elevate your video conferences? 

Adding a workflow engine and automation will increase productivity and effectiveness as crucial content is shared safely with the right participants, bookings and scheduling is managed alongside ensuring ancillary content and documents are filed correctly with the video recordings. This has obvious benefits for industries who interview, collect video evidence, correlate video contributions and need to share that with colleagues. 

Video conferencing software

The Conflab video workflow platform is video conference tool agnostic. Whether you use MS Teams, Zoom, Pexip, Vonage, Starleaf you can layer the Conflab video workflow platform on top of your existing video conference infrastructure making it fit for your business needs.

5 vertical industries that use video conferencing that can be improved by adding the Conflab platform?

Healthcare - for remote patient consultations

Recruitment – More accurate Recruitment.Rreduce the number of wasted first time interviews

Visas – Help global visa applicants with their application process and remotely interview visa applicants from anywhere in the world.

Legal – Bringing together all of the operational tools needed to manage remote client engagement under one platform. 

Financial Services – Remotely engage with customers and save all interactions and associate documents, reporting etc all in the one platform

What does the Conflab platform add to popular video conferencing tools? 

Standard video conferencing tools lick Zoom, Teams, Google meet etc are great for communicating with your friends and family but if you need to use them for business meetings they are not fit for purpose on their own. In order to manage remote video business meetings, you need to have additional software open to manage; Booking/Scheduling, Document Management, Note taking, Recording the meetings and indexing them to client/project, easy Review & Approve for compliance & collaboration, Reporting etc. The Conflab video workflow platform has all these features & workflows built into it. No need to run multiple non-integrated software anymore. Conflab is also video conference tool agnostic so you can layer the Conflab platform on top of any of your legacy video conference infrastructure.

Business Applications for Video Conferencing 

The Conflab video workflow platform currently has 4 industry vertical versions all with slight nuances to ensure that are relevant for the industry vertical; Healthcare, HR/Recruitment, Legal, Visa. Flabba is always building and innovating, and new vertical solutions and features are always being brought to the market. Additionally, Flabba is able to build customer versions of the Conflab platform to meet a client’s very specific needs.

What is ISO 27001 and what does it mean? 

A – ISO 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security. Flabba is fully ISO27001 compliant

What data protection & cyber accreditation do Flabba have? 

Flabba is fully compliant with all data regulations within the countries that it operates including, GDPR (Europe), HIPAA (USA) & PIPEDA (Canada). Additionally Flabba regularly exposes its platform the penetration testing which is routinely carried out by independent CREST penetration test experts and Flabba is also Cyber Essentials accredited and NHS DSP approved.

Conflab Health

What is the NHS DFOCVC Framework?

The DFOCVC framework stands for Digital First Online Consultations Video Consultations and is a new framework draw up by the NHS to enable the NHS Providers to securely procure proven and fully vetted software solutions for remote patient consultations. Flabba’s Conflab Health solution has been accepted onto this framework

Will patients be able to log on with their phones?

Yes, the Conflab Health solution is accessible from our iOS, Android apps or from any modern browser.

How does remote patient consultations cut down on missed appointments? 

Patients make can schedule appointments themselves, making bookings that are convenient to themselves and don’t need to travel. The remote patient consultations can be carried out by the patient from any location on any device which provides them with far greater degree of flexibility to attend.

How does a remote patient system help streamline administration? 

Using tools such as Conflab Health enables healthcare providers to carry out over 1/3rd more consultations than standard face to face consultations in the same time frame, helping clear backlogs. Patients are also able to book consultations themselves, at times convenient to themselves, reducing the workload on traditional NHS administrative staff.

Can Conflab Health be white labelled? 

Yes. We offer full branding options.

Conflab Legal

Tablets struggling to manage your remote client engagements? 

Lawyers currently must run numerous additional non-integrated software tools to manage remote client engagements. This is a huge administrative burden. The Conflab Legal platform has all of the legal workflows and features fully integrated to enable you to manage your remote client engagements; Booking/Scheduling, Note Taking, Document Management, Recording video meetings against project or client record for easy retrieval, Reporting etc.

How does Conflab Legal work with our existing video conference infrastructure? 

Conflab Legal is video conference agnostic meaning it can be layered on top of your existing video conference tools such as MS Teams, Zoom, Pexip etc enabling you to manage your remote client engagements using the Conflab Legal workflows & feature, whilst using your existing video conference tooling. All fully integrated.

Can Conflab Legal integrate with pur Document Management or Client Management software?

Yes. Conflab Legal can integrate with any of your existing tooling through API integration

How does Flabba manage the data for multi-jurisdiction law firms?

Simple. We already have versions of Conflab Legal stood up in multiple geo locations from Europe (GDPR), USA (HIPAA) & Canada (PIPEDA). Through our Modular Infrastructure we can ring fence your regionalised data to ensure that it remains in territory. 

Is Conflab Legal secure? 

Yes. The Conflab Legal platform and architecture has been tested extensively by Central Government to carry out Critical Meetings. We have a modular infrastructure which enables you to choose the video platform you wish to use, plus the secure cloud-based infrastructure be that MS Azure or AWS on a public or private configuration. 

Can Conflab Legal be white labelled?

Yes. We offer full branding options. 

Conflab Recruit

How much time & money does remote interviewing save my business?

Remote video interviewing tools such as Conflab Recruit save customers up to 50% from their recruitment lifecycle and up to 60% from their recruitment costs.

What are the main benefits of video interviewing platforms? 

Aside from saving money and time, they enable you to source from a much more diverse talent pool because geographical barriers are removed from the selection process. With candidate not needing to travel unnecessarily for interview your recruitment carbon footprint is also significantly reduced. The recruitment process does not need to be paused through diary conflicts or business travel commitments. All stakeholders can access the Conflab Recruit platform from any device anywhere in the world enabling them to attend live interviews remotely or assess recordings of interviews whilst travelling.

Is Conflab Recruit accessible on any device? 

Yes. Conflab Health is platform agnostic. All a user needs are access to the internet using any modern browser and a standard webcam & microphone as found integrated into most laptops and mobile phones.  We even have iOS & Android App versions

Can Conflab Recruit be white labelled?

Yes. We offer full branding options.