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Conflab Health - The Perfect Prescription for Remote Consultations

  •                           Conflab Recruit - Radical Efficiency to Recruit the Right Candidate
  •                                 Conflab Visa- Remote Applicant Assessment
  •                                 Conflab Legal - Compliance, Consistency and Confidence
NHS DFOCVC Framework

Conflab Video Business Solutions 

Industry solutions or we can build you a video conference solution of choice.

Flabba platform for intelligent video solutions

Our modular infrastructure enables us to meet your specific needs, be that Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premise. We are video conference tool agnostic, meaning we can integrate into your existing Video Infrastructure; MS Teams, Zoom, Starleaf, Pexip, Vonage. etc. 

Flabba - Conflab Video Business Solutions Core Features

Conflab Video Business Solutions 

Multiple applications in one – solving the automation of audio recording, video recording, secure sharing, document management, booking and scheduling, messaging and even AI transcription. 

Save time and increase efficiency with a complete video business solution with multiple applications with automations and workflows and reporting for 1-and-2-way audio and video conferencing

Reduce Costs

Save money by speeding up scheduling, booking, preparing for meetings and record keeping. 

Reduce Risk

Data and privacy protection with document and user activity tracking and audit trail across the platform.

Save Time

View more videos in less time and make faster decisions with easy access to supporting documents 

Operational Efficiency

Workflows and automation makes it easy to send links and track one and two way conferences. 

Improved Customer Experience

Customised to your brand with notifications and messaging plus permission-based access.

Safe, Secure and 

The SaaS platform holds key data, with adherence to compliance, with all legislative standards.

Convenient Communications

Range of secure, encrypted messaging tools and chat, with access to relevant documents to aid interaction. 


Reporting provides insight and analysis to demonstrate productivity improvements and ROI on projects. 

​Conflab Health

The perfect prescription for remote consultations.

Leverage the power of online video communications to improve the 
patient experience and care while enhancing your business efficiency.
NHS DFOCVC Framework

Connect and Interact

Connecting with your patients has never been faster, more secure, and more convenient - or more necessary. 

Offer More Effective Care

Increasing access to your healthcare services is one of the most important steps you can take for your practice. Ensure that your patients always have a doctor on call, ready to consult with them remotely. 

Fewer missed appointments

Remote consultations from home, easily scheduled and booked by patients themselves with secure shared access to documentation.

Bring healthcare into the homes of those who need it. 

Remote patient care through intelligent video solutions from Flabba
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Key Features - Conflab Healthcare

  • Self-service online booking and scheduling
  • Virtual Waiting room (without the out-of-date magazines)  
  • Secure and recordable online video and telephony consultations 
  • 2-way message communications, texts and email alerts 
  • Gather information to support triage
  • Document management, auditing and tracking
  • Securely share and collaborate with clinical colleagues
  • Patients have easy access to change contact details and schedule appointments - making things more convenient for them
  • iOS and Android App versions or browser based 

Conflab Health for remote patient consultations
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​Conflab Recruit

Radical Efficiency to Recruit the Right Candidate

Leverage the power of video to improve the recruitment experience 
Save time and costs with a complete video business solution for recruitment. 

Streamline Candidate Selection 

Attract, screen, and select candidates, more easily and regardless of location, using the Conflab recruit solution. Increase efficiency and manage the process from end-to-end. 

Meet the Best Candidates

Use the platform tools to filter and simplify the selection process, then connect instantly online, and keep the recruitment process moving forward smoothly.  Giving you a cleaner, greener, interview process with fewer people traveling and easier selection while reducing costs. 

Hire Faster and Securely.

Meet only the best candidates from anywhere and enjoy up to a 50% reduction in hiring time and costs. Secure data and privacy so you can hire more quickly and accurately with confidence.

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Key Features

  • Set up, record and securely share video interviews 
  • High quality video streaming using your own conference tool
  • Cross reference C.V.s to candidate videos
  • Live video interviews, or pre-recorded from anywhere in the world
  • Certified to ISO 27001 and GDPR adherence to UK Government security standards 
  • Automated workflows provides a seamless end-to-end experience 
  • Any device with iOS and Android App versions or browser based 
  • Customisable to reflect your brand
  • Integration with Proprietary ATS, CRM and Recruitment software
Remote interviews recorded and managed for intelligent video solutions
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​Conflab Visa

Remote Applicant Assessment 

Leverage the power of video to streamline visa applications. 
Anywhere in the world, in multiple languages with AI transcription services.
Intelligent video solutions for processing visa applications

Visa Video Recordings

Get closer to your visa applicants from anywhere in the world, with multiple-point access through a secure video communications and share documents securely.   

Safe, Stable, & Secure Processing

A single site for access to all information so that processing visas for immigration has never been easier. Easily manage and book applications through an intuitive dashboard that your whole team can access. 

AI-Driven Transcription

With powerful AI-driven transcription, you can instantly retrieve conversations or pre-recorded applications. Everything is securely stored through a report dashboard with full audit and tracking. 

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Key Features

  • Secure, record online video and telephony applications 
  • Share applications and accompanying documentation with teams
  • Virtual waiting room, self-service booking & scheduling
  • Record from anywhere in the world and then distributed to any relevant parties on any device with iOS and Android App versions as well as browser access 
  • Comprehensive, secure and encrypted messaging, texts, chat and email alerts
  • Customisable to reflect your brand
  • Automated workflows and process management.
  • Secure and compliant document management and auditing
transcription and AI for conference videos
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​Conflab Legal

Intelligent and secure Legal Video Solution

The complete video business solution for the legal practice.

No need for separate software to manage all the "other" tasks when recording important video interviews, witness statements or client interactions.  Conflab Legal eases the case load and brings efficiency with everything you need in one solution. 

Intelligent video solutions for processing visa applications

Record and store Legal Meetings with Confidence.  

Seamlessly record video meetings and use to drive better interaction and greater efficiency with clients.  Assess and review recordings and transcripts of video conferences, messages, and correspondence. 

Secure Video Conference Processing

Smoothly onboard new clients using shared forms with a branded and consistent customer experience.  Manage content to provide end-to-end compliance and easily manage remote client engagements. 

The Sensible way to Manage Legal Processes

  • Bulk Litigations and Mass Claims.
  • Recording Witness Statements
  • Recording Investigations and Remedies

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Key Features

  • Structured questions to assist caseworkers 

  • Easy review of recordings and activity logs by lawyers

  • Document management for large-scale litigations

  • Witness statements transcribed directly from recordings 

  • Compliance and justification via detailed logs of scheduling, booking, note taking, secure messaging, etc. as well as secure recording of all meetings

transcription and AI for conference videos
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